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Brandon Hayward from Bight Sportfishing Saturday, January 20th

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Brandon Hayward Brandon Hayward has worked his entire life in and around SoCal Sportfishing.  You can hear him on Let's Talk Hookup 1090 AM several times throughout the year. He worked on great boats like the Excel, Pacific Queen, Producer and First String. He wrote 3 books The Southern Californian Angler, It's follow-up Getting Bit, and The Local Angler. He spent some time as the Outdoor Editor at Western Outdoor News.  Currently he is the owner operator along with captains Wes Pierson, and James Lega, and writes and publishes The Bight - A Journal for the Saltwater Angler.  The Bight Brandon WSB The Local Angler

The Bight is named for the waters we fish. The birthplace of sportfishing. The heart and soul of the American saltwater experience. The home of the world-famous San Diego long range fleet. It’s where techniques are minted, rods are spun, and legends are made. The Southern California Bight is the hub of our passion, and in the alpha position for strike missions to the ridges and islands of Pacific Baja, the Sea of Cortez, and points south… 

Such rich waters deserve a vivid, authoritative publication of record. The Bight gladly accepts that challenge. Each edition features a raft of articles equivalent in page count to any three copies of a standard fishing periodical. Publisher Brandon Hayward has established a code group of skippers, photographers, hot sticks, and writers united in a single pursuit: to craft the ultimate print representation of the topic. No expense is spared in the construction of The Bight, and the content is designed to be evergreen--something you can refer to, learn from, and enjoy for years.

Blood, scales, and roots. Surprising subjects. Long-form investigations of famous vessels and epic destinations. Profiles of honored pioneers and respected young guns alike. A half-scoop of commercial fishing intel. Barred surfperch to super cows. If it’s legit, it fits. If it’s trendy, poor value, or irrelevant to our fishery--pass.

 The Bight isn’t for everyone. But if you favor a limited-load, high-results experience… you just found your ride.  

We’re staged for serious fun, and would love to have you aboard.


I started my charter business when we were in the bowels of cold water and La Nina. Coastal seabass were the name of the game—just like a good percentage of my season now. After a solid season on seabass and local bass—this was when there were no local tuna and cold water dominated the coast—I bought a bigger boat in that of a 23-foot Parker pilothouse. Six seasons later we have a pair of 2017 Parker pilothouses as well as a center console. While my roots come from sportboats, after working on boats like the Producer, First String, Pacific Queen and Excel from 1996 to  2005, it’s the small boat fishing for coastal and island white seabass, lobster, and offshore tuna that drives myself and captains Wes Pierson, and James Lega. Our goal with Bight Sportfishing is to offer anglers who don’t have a skiff access to small-boat fishing. If that’s you, give me a call at 949.212.0719 and we can build a trip that is right for you and your group, or get you out on one of our limited number of open party trips. We run year-round and I am proud to day we run more charters than any other operation in California.

 --Captain Brandon Hayward

All of our Socials and Seminars are free to attend, start at 2PM and wrap up around 5PM.  We provide a snack or small meal and beverages for kids and adults.  We have a raffle at the end.  Please like and share on Facebook and Instagram.





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