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Halloween Onesie Trip Aboard the Thunderbird

Posted by Geoff Hunt on

The Thunderbird out of Davey's Locker Whale Watching & Sportfishing recently reported a spooky Halloween event that still has the crew asking themselves if it was real or not.

Typically a 1.5 day fishing trip starts off very routine - pregaming at the Landing Bar and Ballroom, boarding, manifest signing, setting up the gear, Captains meeting, and a little socializing before heading to the bunkroom while the beautifully lit Huntington harbor dissapeard into the trailing horizon.

October 27's trip may have been very similar, except for one additional activity.  A Onesie Takeover on deck as the Thunderbird headed seaward. Boba Fett to a Pacman Gameboard, Dinosaurs to Squirrels. It was mayhem on deck.  A truely amazing sight to behold.

Settling down to anchor at Tanner bank, after a smooth but 'Swelly' voyage.  The plan was to look for big yellowtail and maybe come accross a bluefin or two.  The fishing was a little spooky at first.  Whitefish and big sheepshead were plentiful while the flylining was uneventful. No yellowtail at all.  Captain Andrew made an announcement that something was starting to build on the electronics. Deckhands Ricardo and Kevin set up a kite rig with 2 sardines. It didn't take long until a very impressive eruption took place and just like that, we were on some blue fin tuna.  Joey Fried reeled it in while Matt had to finesse his flylined tuna to the boat.

Andrew pulled the anchor with a few bluefin on the boat after a spirited effort by the passengers failed to produce another tuna for about an hour.  

We moved to a secret location after about an hour of travel. Andrew saw what he liked on under the boat, and we drifted for the remainder of the day picking at the steady stream of 15-40 pound fish that stayed with the boat.  Some of us that weren't getting the lucky hook-ups were able to change that by changing back into the onesies.

I would like to thank Rose and Jessica, the chartermasters, for putting together an amazing trip.  Bloody Decks, Hooks and Anchors, and various other sponsors for the great swag.  Goofy made us amazing food to keep us energized, Captain Andrew, and deckhands Ricardo and Kevin were helpful and supportive.

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