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How Ben Secrest Told Me To Get Ready For Big Bluefin Tuna

Posted by Geoff Hunt on

They’re heeeere. They are just not 100% ready.

We are though.

You see the pics on Facebook and Instagram. Some amazing successes so far, but, also some heartbreaking boatride reports. 

I was at a recent KC Anglers Fishing Club meeting to learn about the amazing Bluefin Tuna from special guest, Ben Secrest.

If you are a friend or acquaintance of Ben Secrest then you already know 4 things:

1 – He will go out of his way to help you land the fish of a lifetime.

2 – We are fortunate to be in the front half of a 10 year period in a 100 year cycle.

3 – We could see 300 pound fish this year.

4 – His ‘Five P’s’ motto; Prior Preparation Prevents Piss-Poor Performance.

I’ve only known Ben for a year and a half. I, like probably many of you have seen his seminars, read his blog posts, or seen him as the affable, approachable face of Accurate Fishing. Many of you may have been to our Tuna Seminar last year in the LP Fishing Supply ‘Tackle Boat’.

He is very active in the local fishing clubs, and he posts a lot of amazing material online and through Social Media.

One on one, Ben will hand you his set-up, if it is handy, and show you how he fishes, and why he is successful. Not in a bragging way, but as Chef would show you his signature dish, then explain how you can make it too.  Without a combo nearby, he will ask you about your best fish, how you caught it.  And he will also, ask you about your greatest misses.  He believes that you can learn from failures as much as success.  He’ll start off all of his seminars with “I am a lifelong student of fishing. I have to learn something every day”. That is why he loves the on-land aspect of fishing as well as fishing in any body of water all around the world.

The FIVE P’s are the meat of his seminars.  Prior Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.  Absolute truth.  Here is a quick breakdown of many of his keys to success.

Rod Selection. Parabolic action, like on our Fishing Syndicate family of rods. The rail is your friend, use it. Let the rod action fight the fish, the reel is your tool to gain ground. 7 ft to 9 foot rods. You want to cast live bait and heavier jigs, as well as pitching or yoyoing butterfly jigs. We carry the full line of Fishing Syndicate offshore rods, and a small selection of Fishing Syndicate inshore rods, as well as Penn Rampage and Carnage Tuna rods.

Reels. Be prepared for any size of fish. Try to have a 20, 30, 40, 50, 65 and at least an 80-pound set-up for the bigger grade fish.  In a nutshell, your 20-pound set-up should be able to land a 50+ pound fish. Spool your reels with braid. Utilize 2 speed reels for fighting bigger fish. We have Accurate single and 2 speed reels, Penn Fathom two speeds, and Diawa Saltists.

Line Capacity. Use reels with high capacity and high drag capability. Make your connections to either 4 feet of fluoro leader, or allow for 60 or more yards of Mono for casting. Do not cast the connection through the guides. We carry Izorline 20 – 100 pound braid, Izorline 4 – 300 pound Mono, and Seaguar 2 – 130 pound Fluorocarbon.

Hook Selection. Bring a full set of size 4 – 4/0 Owner hooks. They can be J’s, Circle, or Ringed. Be prepared to use any of them though. If you are fishing live bait and not catching, find someone who is and ask them what they are using. Don’t be surprised if it is 20 pound Fluoro and a size 4 Owner Mutu hook. We have a full selection of Ben’s preferred Owner hooks, hook upgrades, and Owner rings and swivels.

Jigs and Irons. “I like all surface irons as long as they are mint”. Mint is a great color for Bluefin and Yellow tail. Don't retrieve these too fast. 4:1 is ideal speed.  Poppers, upgrade the back treble to 3X strong. Realistic casting jigs, along the lines of Promar Ahi’s live deception, or colt snipers.  We have some amazing Big Nic models. Butterfly Jigs, Ben has a preference to treble upgrade.  We carry a ton of different butterfly jigs and can upgrade them however you like.

Trolling Set-up. Big Boss Valiants like the 600-1000 model.  They have big drag and huge line capacity. 80-100 pound braid.  Beefy 7 foot rods like the Fishing Syndicate FSCJB 700XXH are ideal, and in stock. We can order these incredible Accurate reels for next day delivery at the shop.

Kite Fishing. Please have at least 3 anglers on the boat – driver, spotter/kite guy, and someone to control the active line and flier action.  LP Fishing Supply has a rigging lab in Lobster Port Trap Company and can rig to your preference.  We also have our own flying fish and flying squid rigged and ready with 200 and 300 pound leaders.

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