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September is Lobster Appreciation Month!

Posted by Geoff Hunt on

Lobster Nation! We are extra excited around this time of year. We have 2 Lobster events, and we have something special if you renew your 2018 CA SPINY LOBSTER REPORT CARD with us.

First off the sport season kicks of on Saturday, Sept 29th at 6:00 AM.

Second, Promar has a crusher of a net in the Ambush XLH. Click on this whole paragraph to check it out.


Our 3rd Annual Lobster Seminar is on Thursday, September 20th from 6-9PM.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram so you can see the live updates on the amazing raffle, which is shaping up. Click on the picture below for event details.

LP Fishing Supply with Ben Alexander

I would like to thank Ryan from Slay Day Socal, who has already commited a 4 pack, self-guided lobster trip this season in Long Beach harbor.

  1. Slay Day Socal at LP Fishing Supply

I am excited to announce a cool event we have talked about for 6 years. A Lobster Weekend Kick-off Parking Lot Jam Party. We have invited our closest charter captains, gear manufacturers, apparel printers and others to be here for you! Come in and mingle, ask questions, get your bait and last minute supplies. We'll have a Let's Talk Hookup Lobster Episode listening party.

The weekend party is Sat and Sunday, September 29th an 30th.  We will also be having a noon raffle on each of those days as well.  At the end of this blog is a list of our initial vendors who will help make all of this possible. Click on the photo below for event details.

LP Fishing Supply Weekend Parking lot Jam Party


PLEASE RENEW YOUR 2018 LOBSTER REPORT CARD WITH US! You will get a red raffle ticket good for each of the 3 raffles this month. You must be present to win.

LP Fishing Supply Raffle

*If you are a documented charter operator, manufacturer, clothing rep, Local Oceanside business, or any other lobster industry peep, please contact me for space available.

Please visit these sponsors:

Promar - Natalieann Sportfishing - Slayday Socal - Tingley - King of the Crawl - Pura Marine - Blue Wave Jewelry - Grundéns - Bite On - Roach Coach - D Vein Company - EZ Sportfishing - Lingcod Jigs - Ace Line Hauler - Haggard Pirate - SD Pescador - Alicia Sportfishing - Kill Fish Company - Jig Strike Sportfishing - Kealoha Essence - EZ Pull - Lobster Port Trap Co - Fish 101 Restaurant


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