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The CA Fish and Game Commission Unanimously Passes a Lifeline to the Recreational Dungeness Crab 2022 Season. Beginning Nov 5th

Posted by Geoff Hunt on

This is a big deal, and with a vote of 5 to 0.

Oct 13th meeting in Kings Beach, CA was a big win for recreation Dungeness Crab anglers, current conical hoop manufacturers, and a very positive step for Commercial Crab Pot manufacturers to come to the table for innovation for the sport market. The goal of the meeting was to formalize the method of take for CA Spiny Lobsters South of Point Arguello and incorporate it for all crab and lobster statewide. Essentially removing that Point Arguello boundary for the emergency action to reduce whale entanglement for the Dungeness Crab sport effort RAMP.

The meeting is archived on the Fish and Game Commission website at Here you will discover the incredible effort of Sr. Environmental Scientist Christy Juhasz and support from Craig Shuman.

My main takeaway from the meeting was Juhasz' presentation was a very solid proposal to transfer what has been successful for CA Spiny Lobster and adapt it slightly for recreational Dungeness crab. To me it all makes perfect sense to put this out there as is in an emergency basis. It may even be formalized for official method of take in the Dec meeting.

But then it got weird.

If I had only watched the YouTube videos from Bodega Bay and elsewhere from Fishing 247, Mimi Fish Fish, and ChrisPfish, I would have said “lock it in” The success of the hoop nets are right there on my screen. Easy limits, no stress, less money to convert to hoops using already owned line and buoys. Instead, nearly half of the public comment period was dedicated to expensive modifications that would change hoop nets into commercial gear with a 20 inch hole in the top.

The wrap up of the meeting was a lot of thank you shout outs to the general public involved in this process, which I found refreshing. There will be some consideration toward modification, possibly in time for the Dec formalization meeting – this was, after all, just an emergency approval and rule clarification topic.

What is next? Look for the updates on the CADFW website, emails, social media and tackle shops. It should have a Nov 1st implementation day, right in time for Nov 5th opener.

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