What Is LP Fishing Supply Doing During the COVID-19 Worldwide Pandemic
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What Is LP Fishing Supply Doing During the COVID-19 Worldwide Pandemic?

Posted by Geoff Hunt on

We are endeavoring to keep our doors open through the duration of the COVID-19 Coronavirus health crisis as long as our business continuity plan allows. We are constantly keeping our surfaces and environment clean and sanitized and are monitoring our own health and wellness. 

WE ALSO HAVE OUR PRODUCTS AVAILABLE 24/7 BY ONLINE SHOPPING, AND SHIP FREE FOR ORDERS OVER $50. WWW.LPFishingSupply.com  Please continue to support our small business, even online. Companies like Walmart, Bass Pro, and big brand online tackle retailers will most likely survive this, small family run businesses may not.

Many of the items we sell are locally designed and manufactured. I’ll put a manufacturers list at the end so you can see who you’ll be supporting by shopping at LP Fishing Supply and Lobster Port Trap Co.


We also suggest, with local examples:

  • Supporting your corner food and liquor markets, like Z-Market.
  • If family owned restaurants, like Fratelli’s Oceanside are closed for dining, show your support by ordering take-out. And tip.
  • Support your local music scene, like Hey Chels, by streaming their music, buying their merchandise online, sharing your favorite songs on Social Media.
  • Shop local and family owned businesses, like Impact Design.
  • CSA boxes can keep a local farm in business, like Rodney Kawano Farms.
  • Stay in contact with everyone in your social group.
  • Don’t downplay this epidemic or spread politically biased social media posts. Do the research and challenge yourself to be as informed as possible.


In the meantime, take care of yourselves and your family. Learn or teach your kids some life skills like fishing, cooking and meal prep, camping skills, learn a musical instrument, teach about family finances and budgeting, teach or learn car maintenance, be creative, this is serious and relatively uncharted territory.


Our local or family owned vendors we sell at LP Fishing Supply, you’ll be supporting them too:

Fishgroms, Jigslinger Customs, SD Pescador, Combat Jigs, Nutter Baits, Tingley Rubber, CML Jigs, Fishing Grounds Coffee, Bent Rod Brigade, Perch Crack Baits, Kill Fish Co, VC Gurlz, Kid Baits, Speed Baits, Fishing Armory, Duran’s Fishing Products, Kasting Krew, Loki Fishing, Hookup Baits, Big Island Baits, Bomber Eyewear, Wackem Baits, Ultralight Heavyweights, Top Notch Lead Heads, Big Nic Fishing, Pelagic Designs Do Your Part, LingCod Jigs, Roach Coach Bait Systems, Gripright Pliers, Friendship Trap Company, Fishhead Customs, iRod, Odyssey Braid, Tiffany Raeeeee, Coolbait Lure Company, JM Bait Co, Badass Bait Co, New Fishall Co., Bite On, Caivo LB Fishing Supplies, Batson Enterprises, Graybeard Watermen, Izorline, Seeker Rods, Accurate Reels, Reel Happy Clothing Co, Stay Bent Anglers, Fishworks, 900 Knots Fishing, Trendsetter Jigs, Reeb’s Lures, F/V Karma Flying Fish, Half Skipper Wind-on Leaders, Haggard Pirate, and Enlightenment CBD Products.

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