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Galvanic Timed Release 50/pack

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Galvanic Timed Releases, GTR's or Pop-ups are devices that essentially dissolve at a known rate in sea water.  They are used by commercial fishermen to prevent ghost fishing traps and nets.  Researches use them to release testing equipment from equipment or sea creatures.  

In the image below, the hash mark on the left edge of each block represents the actual release time at the temperature range above the chart.  Each block has a 6 or 12 hour burn loss.  If the Pop Up release timing is longer than desired, the Pop Up can be 'burned off' by pre-soaking them in salt water to corrode off the extra hours.

Packed in bags of 50 pieces. Exept the AA1 and AA2 releases are priced per each piece.

Please message me if you need specific eye alignment, or to coordinate with an engineer.Pop Up Chart

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