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Combat Jigs Warthog 5 Inch

Combat Jigs

  • $6.00

The Warthog is an asbolute DESTROYER. Just like the A10 Warthog Jet, where it gets its name from.

Measures in at 3.75" when curled and 5.2" when swimming. The body is thick and long to accustom heavy duty salt water hooks and also allows for a weedless hook setup. The tail kicks at the SLOWEST speed or drop. You can roll this thing on the ground and it'll still THUMP! Unique ribs were added to add a much larger presentation without the additional weight while still maintaining exceptional hook up ratio.

The tail has an action of its own, with the added slots it gives each section of the tail its own separate action moving a TON of water. Rigging it sideways with ribs flat is just as deadly as ribs pointing vertical, slithering around on bottom or streaking through the water.

6 per pack.


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