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Berkley Gulp! Hollow Shrimp


  • $7.39

Better than live shrimp, the Berkley® Gulp!® Hollow Shrimp has a hollow-body design for a more lifelike feel.

A skirted tail provides increased action to better lure nearby predators, and these soft plastics have better durability than live shrimp, too.

Stored in a super-charged Gulp! solution, these 100% biodegradable baits absorb 20% more attractant and may be recharged between uses by returning them to their jarred solution.

Berkley Gulp! Hollow Shrimp disperse a potent scent like a blood trail in the water.

  • Hollow body has a more lifelike feel
  • Skirted tail for increased action
  • More durable than live shrimp
  • 100% biodegradable
  • "Recharge" with attractant in the jar between uses

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