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EZ Keeper Hook Keeper By FUji


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No more dangling hooks or tangled lines. Easy to use. Fuji® EZ Keeper comes with 2 UV proof O-rings.

The Fuji EZ Keeper is a simple way to keep sharp hooks from damaging your rod, getting snagged in your carpet, or causing injury.

The Fuji EZ Keeper is incredibly easy to install, just position as desired, wrap the UV proof O-ring around the rod, and then secure the O-ring into the grooves on both sides - that’s it.

When it is not in use, the Fuji EZ Keeper folds down to prevent any tangles or snags.

Even on rods that already have a hook holder, the Fuji EZ Keeper is a great way to keep lures with multiple hooks from swinging around, like crankbaits, A-rigs, and big swimbaits.

Offered in a number of colors, the Fuji EZ Keeper is the perfect accessory for any rod. 

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