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Fishgroms Memory Spike Tool


  • $30.00

Record your 2018 catches by notching the wooden handle and when your spike is retired at the end of the year it becomes a trophy with not jut one, but many stories to tell! Please contact us for pricing & info on customized spikes.

- 2018 Engraving 
- Approx. 7" from top-to-tip
- 6" 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel Spike
- Hard Wood Handle 3.75" x .75" x 1"

*Fish spiking will maintain the quality of your kill by stopping floundering movement when quickly inserted into the hind-brain

WSB : White Sea Bass - HAL : Halibut - DOR : Dorado
ONO : Wahoo - YT : Yellowtail - LING: Lingcod 
BFT: Blue Fin Tuna - YFT : Yellow Fin Tuna

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