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Fishing Grounds Coffee

Fishing Grounds Coffee

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Nothing is better than fishing, except maybe coffee.

"Our story is pretty simple. Founded by a small group of guys who spend a lot of early mornings on the launch ramps, we drink a lot of coffee. Our problem was, we like to enjoy our coffee as much as we enjoy fishing, but none of us could really find a coffee we could get excited about.

So we decided to make our own coffee company. A company that produces high quality, fresh-roasted coffee with none of the fuss.

Its simple, we just love fishing and coffee. We hope you do too."

- Fishing Grounds Coffee Team

BLUEFIN (DARK) Crank down the drag with our Bluefin Roast. A perfect blend of top-quality beans from Indonesia, Africa, Central/South America, this coffee is roasted to a dark profile for an intense but smooth brew. Traditional coffee flavors with a raw sugar and chocolate background make this roast as prized as the fish it's named after. Organic Coffee

  • Tasting Notes: Raw Sugar Sweetness, Dark Chocolate, Low Acidity


DORADO (MED/DARK) A medium/dark-bodied roast from Peru, this organic coffee is guaranteed to make you pour a second cup. With a slightly lighter roast than our Bluefin Blend, the Dorado roast will liven your morning while still giving you the bite you expect from your cup of coffee. Organic Coffee

  • Tasting Notes: Raw Sugar Sweetness, Silky Chocolate, Medium Acidity


LARGEMOUTH (MEDIUM) Our Largemouth Roast is a specialty single-origin coffee from Brazil that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. It's a smooth and subtle medium roast, medium-bodied with hints of cocoa & honey and a silky finish that you can drink all day.

  • Tasting Notes: Heavy Cocoa, Honey, Medium Acidity, Medium Body


WAHOO (MEDIUM) A single-origin, medium-roasted coffee, The Wahoo roast comes in hot with a toasted caramel sweetness and mild bittersweet backdrop and finishes off with a heavy chocolate body. Guaranteed to get the blood pumping! It's why we named this beautiful coffee from Bali the Wahoo Roast.

  • Tasting Notes: Toasted Caramel, Mild Bittersweet, Low Acidity, Heavier Body


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