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Fishing Syndicate All Purpose Rods

Fishing Syndicate

  • $400.00

The FS All-Purpose Composite Series was designed and engineered by the FS Team incorporating the perfect blend of RX6 Graphite & E-Glass blends to keep the overall weight of the rod on the light side, yet provide strength, backbone and pulling power!

They all sport a moderate action, giving the angler un-match-able pulling power! The perfect blend of graphite and e-glass give these blanks a great shut-off as well as a very strong backbone and great recoiling power to pull hard on Gamefish!

All models come with hypalon and reel seats, sporting a long fore-grip to give the angler better leverage. These are more durable and stronger rods as they incorporate e-glass which provides durability and power.

The perfect composite rods to pair up with conventional reels to cast live baits or launch jigs a mile! They provide a balanced and efficient setup when you pair the light models with 200/300 size conventional reels, the medium models with 400/500 size reels and the heavy models with 500/600 size reels.

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