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Flex Coat Rod Wrapping Finish

Batson Enterprises

  • $15.25

For over 30 years the Flex Coat name has said it all. Hard yet flexible, Flex Coat is the wrap finish that other brands are compared to, and with good reason…Flex Coat offers the very best combination of properties found in a quality thread wrap epoxy finish.

Loaded Syringe Kit - Large 12 cc syringes come filled and ready to use. Enough finish to complete 4 average rods. Kit includes a 12 cc syringe loaded with part "A" resin, a 12 cc syringe loaded with part "B" hardener, 4 finishing brushes, 4 mixing cups, and 4 mixing sticks.

Super Kit - This Super Kit includes 2 oz. Kit Flex Coat Rod Wrapping finish, 2 color coded syringes, 5 finishing brushes, 5 mixing cups, and 5 mixing sticks.

  • Superior leveling
  • Outstanding durability
  • Brilliant clarity
  • Unequaled adhesion

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