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Grundens Extreme 1600 TripleThick Bib


  • $139.99

  • The fabric in the Extreme 1600 Pants is a heavy cotton canvas base material (7.7 oz. per yard), coated with a specially formulated PVC (10.3) oz. per yard) for a total weight of 18 oz. per yard.
  • The PVC coating on both the Extreme Parka and the Extreme Pants is specially designed to resist oils and to maintain flexibility in extremely cold temperatures.
  • Sacrificial layers made of a woven nylon base fabric which has PVC applied to both sides; it is light-weight, very strong, and will not mildew. 
  • This material is remarkable for its durability, flexibility at low temperatures (-30º F), and its resistance to mineral/animal oils and grease.  If torn, the fabric underneath is unaffected. From the top of the bib to below the knees there is a double sacrificial layer of material. From the top of the bib to below the waist is a triple layer of material right where it is needed most. 
  • These bibs are cut much higher up the chest.

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