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Heavy Duty Air Cutter MP35A-CR8P

Heavy Duty Air Cutter MP35A-CR8P

Encore Hartco

  • $595.00

Pneumatic hand-held cutting tool for 8 gauge wire or smaller, with or without PVC-coating. The Heavy Duty Air Cutter’s double piston design, comfortable size grip, and longer body deliver the cutting strength and efficiency needed for fabrication work in many industries. Includes cutting tool and flush CR8P cutting blade.


APPLICATIONS:  Larger size or industrial-strength traps and cages, aquaculture trays, fencing, construction mesh

FOR USE ON: 8 – 16 gauge steel or copper wire


TRIGGERING MECHANISM:  Thumb actuated lever
BODY DIAMETER:  2-1/4″ (56mm)
LENGTH:  13-5/16″ (338.1mm) with blade, 12″ (304mm) without blade
WEIGHT:  2.85 lbs (1.3kg) with blade, 2.1 lbs (0.95kg) without blade
AIR SUPPLY:  70-90 PSI (0.5 – 0.6 MPa)

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