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Kicker Fishing 25 Heavy Yo-Yo Irons

Kicker Fishing

  • $12.99

Kicker Fishing Brand jigs are taking the socal fishing scene by storm! Each jig is powder coated in shop, and then custom airbrushed by hand. What impressed us the most about these jigs other than the finish, was how well they swim! They are somewhat thinner than most surface irons, but still have the classic concave back and offset hips that give it an awesome action! 

Our favorite colors are Enlightenmint, Mint Nightmare, Pelagic Red Crab, and Tequila Sunrise. 

If you don't see the color you're looking for, feel free to give us a call to check availability before ordering at 760-722-8727 or shoot us an e-mail at We want to make sure you get the pattern and size jig you need!


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