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Ahi USA Glow Lead Squid Jig


  • $7.99

Ahi USA Weighted Squid Jig is an ideal jig when fishing for the larger squid in depths of 200ft or more.

The 4oz lead body features a rich glow element that can be seen in even the lowest of light conditions.

The jig also comes equipped with an attachment ring on the bottom of the jig for adding weight or light attractants like the Promar GS-715 L.E.D. Stobe Lights.

  • 6" Luminous Glow
  • 4. 25 oz Lead Weight Body
  • Rigged with 2 Hooks
  • This Giant Squid Jig will slay even the most monstrous of squid.
  • Pack one in your tackle box in case you encounter any monsters.

If the squid are around, go squid jigging!

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