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Demon Offset Ringed Circle Hook

Ringed Demon Circle Offset Live Bait Hook by Mustad


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The Mustad® UltraPoint Demon Offset Circle Hook was designed with the help of top charter captains, to give you a bait hook that can withstand the pressure of lengthy slugfests with monster yellowfin and bluefin.

Built on round wire, with a wide circle gap and larger-than-normal barb, the 3X and 4X Demon provides maximum hooking and holding power.

With its chafe-proof round wire Rosco® action ring, the Hoodlum allows a more natural bait presentation, and neutralizes a hooked fish's ability to gain leverage.

Super sharp UltraPoint® hook point; Eco-Friendly corrosion-resistant black nickel finish.
Bait hook for monster tuna

  • Provides maximum hooking and holding power
  • Built on strong, light round wire
  • Wide gap design with large barb
  • Chafe-proof round wire Rosco action ring
  • Super sharp UltraPoint hook point
  • Eco-Friendly corrosion-resistant black nickel finish

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