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Seeker OSP Offshore Pro Rod Fishing Blanks


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Blanks! Stop in to see how to build these into the best Jig and Rail Rods.

Seeker Offshore Pro (OSP) Rods are the ultimate production Long Range Rail Tuna Rods.  Stand up Tuna fishing has evolved that anglers now use the rail of the boat to help land their catch.  Long Range boats have rails that are capped with anywhere from 6" to over 12" of wood.  The rail is used as a fulcrum to leverage the tuna up.  Standard rods are not built to take the pressure exerted using this technique.  Also, the standard rubber rod handles do not stand up to the punishment.  The heavy action and 7'3" length keep the fish away from the boat as the end of the fight nears.  Big Yellowfin tuna do a circle when nearing the boat, shorter rods would allow the line to rub on the boat and that does not end well.

Seeker OSP rods are patterned after their popular 1x3 and 2x4 rods.  The 3X and 4X actions are derived from their 6463XXXH and 6463XXX4H, some of the first rods designed for this style of fishing.  When choosing an OSP rod to add to your arsenal, pay close attention to the drag settings and line tests you intend to fish, and match the rod accordingly.  Depending upon your physical condition, the maximum amount of drag you can withstand over the fighting time will vary by individual.  You want the rod to bend to allow you to keep the line tight and pressure on the fish.

OSP Rods feature Fuji BHBNG guides and tips, Alps Aluminum ChannelLock reel seats, and the dense 18" foregrip is fully encased in 3M's abrasion resistant Cold Shrink.  All Offshore Pro rods are triple wrapped and finished with a UV stable epoxy finish. 

Proudly made in the USA.

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