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Tokyo Rig HD Wide Gap

VMC Inc.

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"This thing is the real deal. Did I say that before? I’m excited." -  Mike Iacnelli

As effective as it is versatile, the VMC Tokyo Rig pairs with an almost endless range of soft plastics and allows anglers to explore just as many types of terrain. Built around a solid, one-piece ring, the VMC Tokyo Rig features a heavy-duty wide gap hook with a 3-degree offset, which ensures solid hook penetration.

Along the bottom, the VMC Tokyo Rig features a wire form that is attached with a premium rolling swivel.  This non-terminated wire form allows anglers to simply apply the desired weight and bend the wire upwards to lock it in place. So whether you’re slipping it in and out of shallow grass, or methodically dragging it along deep ledges, the VMC Tokyo Rig offers easy customization, and a unique design that will undoubtedly fool discerning predators.

You’ll also notice that they built the weight with two worm weights. One has the pointed end down and the other has it up. That allows the weight to enter and exit the muck and whatever else is on the bottom without getting hung up and ruining your cast or forcing you to waste time retying. And, the fact that there are two weights gives the rig a clicking sound as it falls and shakes.

Along with those two things the wire holds the bait up, off the bottom. It’s stiff. With a normal punch rig your weight falls through the heavy vegetation but then it gets buried in the bottom because fluorocarbon is limp. It lets the bait fall all the way down. No bass is going to dig it out. With the punch shot they can see the lure holding up, higher in the water column.

At the same time all this good stuff is happening the lure is swinging freely. It’s not directly attached to the wire or the main line. It’s attached to the rig by means of two split rings which give it freedom of movement. That’s very different than what you get with a traditional punch or drop shot rig.  


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